Our partners

As with SDI, our partners work on a daily basis to make health in the world a priority.

With 50 years of experience and a global presence in 45 countries, SPP is a Korean pharmaceutical company specialized in the manufacture of anti-infective drugs which decided to entrust to SDI the launching of the new antimalarial drug Pyramax (Combination of Pyronaridine and Artesunate) in the different countries of Sub-Saharan Africa. Piramax is a promising drug which is recorded on the WHO list of prequalified drugs. It's the first drug which treats the uncomplicated malaria of the adults and children with the indications P. falciparum and P. vivax.

As a leading company in its field, PSA specializes in the disinfection and disinsectization of confined spaces, as well as in the personal protection of people against vectors transmitting diseases, and in personal hygiene.

By combining consulting and software solutions, SPALLIAN supports its clients in the creation, projection and analysis of complex databases in various domains: health data observatories, safety management consulting, geo-intelligence, citizen participation solutions and election campaigns. With innovative tools such as Corto, Corto ID and TellMyCity, managing your data will become a decision-making strength and a competitive advantage.

Established in 2011, SEE is an association of companies whose goal is to promote and establish programs on HIV, malaria, diabetes and chronic diseases. SEE works in France, in Africa, in the Caribbean with company's collaborators, their families and the general public to provide answers to health problems that are heavily penalizing in terms of morbidity, mortality and, of course, absenteeism.