Our services

Business / Marketing

With more than two decades of experience, SDI offers you solid business expertise, the best marketing tools in the field of medicines and medical analysis, and a precise diagnosis for the countries of sub-Saharan Africa and Russia.

  • Analysis and advice on the structuring of a business plan

  • Analysis of the public and private distribution networks best suited to your prospecting and your products

  • Trade and marketing policy Counseling

  • Advice on the digital health market: E-health, Smart data

  • Counseling on the regulatory approach of the countries concerned

  • Industrial strategy

Advice and support on hub opening

Our service offer also includes advice and support on the opening of hubs in key countries to cover well-identified areas:


  • Scientific office or subsidiary under local law

  • Recruiting of a medical-marketing network and a sales force

  • Identification and sizing of sales force network  through contracting companies 

  • Assistance in negotiating agreements of representation for promotion and distribution

Public affairs

  • Identification and association with local Key opinions leaders 

  • Advice on international programs and related funding: Global Fund, 

  • Unitaid, USAID, World Bank, Gates Foundation, bi-lateral aid ...

  • Portfolio analysis that can meet international criteria

  • Advice on opportunities for programs that are part of your company's 

  • social responsibility

  • Public / Private partnerships and B2B2C 

Programs and partnerships

Advice in setting up programs and partnerships in the fight against major diseases:



Transmissible diseases:


  • Malaria

  • Tuberculosis

  • HIV


Neglected diseases:


  • African trypanosomiasis

  • Buruli ulcer

  • Chagas

  • Leishmaniasis


Non-communicable diseases:


  • High Blood Pressure

  • Diabetes

  • Cancer